How to participate in the Universa Token Sale

Dear everyone,

Once again, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are currently a few fake sites trying to mimic our official website. The only official websites for Universa are and

and others

As a lot of you experienced during the start of our ICO, a high participation demand led to such heavy traffic loads that we were not able to process all requests in time. As a TEMPORARY solution, we are offering two other payment gate/participation methods. (BTC/ETH payments).
This is the same service that was used for the Universa pre_ICO.

You can also purchase UTN through our campaign in KickICO (ETH)

Due to high traffic and possible system overload, transactions take longer for us to confirm. We thank you for your interest and your patience.

Here is a step by step guide on how to participate in the Universa Token Sale, starting on the 28th of October and ending on the 9th of December.

1. First of all you need to pass a short registration at

After the registration you become a member of our community. If you registered via social networks (Facebook or Google) you also become an owner of your first 50 UTN. If you have already registered prior to the Token Sale, please skip this step and proceed to step 2.

2. Now that you are registered, you will be able to purchase UTN through your account at    


You can participate in the Token Sale by purchasing UTN with either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you would like to make a purchase via wire transfer, please contact our support at [email protected]

3. Fill in the desired amount of UTN you want to purchase, choose the currency that you want to use for your payment and click the “Pay” button. After clicking the button, the address to which you should transfer either Bitcoin or Ethereum will be displayed on your screen. By transferring the specified amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum to the shown address you will complete your purchase of UTN.

Be advised: Your payment needs to be processed and received within 3 hours! If this fails, the wallet address for your payment will no longer be valid and you will have to restart the participation procedure from the beginning.

After a successful payment, UTN tokens purchased during the Token Sale will be credited to your Universa account within a timeframe of 30 minutes to 24 hours. This can depend on the currency used for your purchase.

All tokens credited to your account will be eligible for distribution after the Token Sale has ended.        

4. Distributing UTN tokens to your wallet and KYC

In order to have your tokens distributed to your personal wallet, you will need to specify the address of your ERC20-compatible wallet.

Before the distribution can take place, our administrative department may request additional personal information about you. Please be informed that we could contact you for this purpose through e-mail from the following accounts:

- [email protected]

- [email protected]

If you receive any e-mails claiming to be from the Universa team concerning personal details ALWAYS verify this by asking one of our admins in our telegram channel @universa for Russian speakers, @Uplatform for English speakers and @UniversaChina for Chinese speakers.  

After the Token Sale ends and your verification process (if requested) is completed, the tokens will be transferred to your personal ERC20 wallet immediately.


Price ladders

The price of the Universa token (UTN) will gradually increase during the Token Sale.

- The starting price on Oct 28 will be 0.01 USD.

- On Nov 4, the UTN price will increase to 0.0105 USD.

- On Nov 11, the UTN price will increase to 0.011 USD.

- On Nov 18, the UTN price will increase to 0.0115 USD.

- On Nov 25, the UTN price will increase to 0.012 USD.

- On Dec 2, the UTN price will increase to 0.0125 USD.

The price movement during the token sale is displayed in the figure above. Practically speaking the UTN price during the last period of the Token Sale is 25% higher than the starting price, so make sure to get yours in time!


Please be careful! There are a lot of fraudulent activities during Token Sale’s in the “cryptoworld” lately. Please remember the following:

  • The only URL address at which the tokens can be purchased is If you come across any other online address claiming that it is selling UTN tokens - please know it’s fake and please notify Universa team members;
  • Please make sure to only send your funds to the BTC/ETH address that is shown to you in your personal account on the correct web address for the Token Sale. If anyone attempts to convince you to send funds to another address than the one just mentioned, please keep in mind that that person is trying to scam you and wants to steal your money! Only purchase tokens through;
  • Please DO NOT send any funds from exchange wallets such as Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex, Coinbase, Bitfinex etc.
  • Please DO NOT send any funds before the token sale has started or after the token sale has ended

---Remember this is the only way to purchase Universa tokens, there will be no additional pages---